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Speed Skating

Do You Feel The Need For Speed?

Speed Skating Rules & Requirements

Ice speed skates, helmet (hockey, bike, inline and skateboarding acceptable), gloves and skating gear/apparel that has long sleeves and long pants so that there is no exposed skin.  

Neck guard, eye protection, knee, shin and elbow pads.

Phoenix Speed Skating Club

For more information about the latest speed skating news and events, become a fan of the Phoenix Speed Skating page on Facebook.

Please Be Advised Upcoming Policy Changes:

Effective June, 1, 2019 all skaters are REQUIRED to register for ice using

Sign-up online in advance at  Change location to "East Rink" and select the sessions you wish to attend.  In order to pay the contract rate of $15 (75-min) registration must be completed by the 25th.

“Day of" drop-in cost is $18.00 per skater and must be paid in advance at the Admin Office prior to getting on the ice.

To Register to Participate

Please be advised as of August 2018 all skater registrations will be facilitated through the Phoenix Speed Skating Club.  Please contact Rick Olson for additional information:

Phoenix Speed Skating Club


1.    Skating direction is counter-clockwise.
2.    Skaters should skate under control at all times. Keep a safe speed taking into consideration ice conditions, padding and crowd.
3.    Faster skaters shall overtake slower skaters on the OUTSIDE.
4.    Slower skaters, skaters resting shall skate on the INSIDE of the track.
5.    Skaters shall only rest in the middle of the center ice face-off circle. No resting permitted on outside boards.
6.    Skaters shall minimize crossing the track to enter and exit the ice surface and will wait until track is safe.
7.    Skaters must follow all directions by rink staff, including but not limited to, stopping for instruction, races, rest breaks or to allow a fellow skater to recover from a fall.
8.    Pads may or may not be provided in specific areas of the track. Skaters shall adjust their speed accordingly to remain safe for conditions.
9.    All ice surface access doors must remain closed at all times during the session.

Speed Skating is intended as a track sport and not a physical contact sport.  Any intentionally aggressive behavior on the ice may result in lost ice privileges without refund. The Ice Den Chandler reserves the right to revoke participation and registration privileges for any future Ice Den programs as the result of unacceptable conduct.

Learn to Speed Skate

The mission of Learn to Skate USA is to provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a lifelong love of skating.  An objective is to teach children and adults the fundamentals of ice skating while building confidence and skills through each lesson.  Learn to Skate USA is the only ice skating program endorsed by U.S. Figures skating, USA Hockey and U.S. Speedskakting.


Skills You Will Learn

Basic Position, straightaway push, arm swings, basic turn positions, basic push o side in turns and many more.

Upcoming Sessions

Learn to Speed Skate is on hiatus for the summer.  Join us at a drop-in session at either Ice Den Chandler or Ice Den Scottsdale.