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Public Skating


Public Skate (also known as "Open Skate" or "Free Skate") is held as noted on the calendar below. 

If a date does not show a session time listed public skate is NOT offered that day.

Effective October 2021, Public Skate sessions when scheduled will be held on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. Special sessions are also planned for  select holidays and throughout the year on weekday afternoons during school breaks.

Due to hockey tournaments, skating competitions and special events the public skate schedule varies monthly.   Please review the public skate calendar for dates and times. 


Additional information including admission prices, rental skate and other fees is listed below.

The Ice Den strongly recommends checking the Public Skate Schedule for the most up to date information.

When sessions are scheduled public skate registration will open at 12:00 p.m. two days prior to posted session and will close when capacity is reached. No walk-ups will be permitted day of.


Sunday Friday
Monday Saturday
Tuesday Sunday
Wedensday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday

UPDATE: 10/6/21

Public skates will return to the Ice Dens the weekend of 10/9/21. Schedules will be published monthly and ALL SESSIONS require online registration/reservations in advance.

Registration will open at 12:00 p.m. two days prior to posted session and will close when capacity is reached. No walk-ups will be permitted day of.

Thank you for your cooperation & understanding,
Ice Den Management


Ice Den Public Skating is an activity that combines fitness and fun for skaters of all ages and abilities.  With public skate sessions held each weekend, as well as special event sessions throughout the year and our annual Holiday Skates, there is always time to lace up your skates and hit the ice!

  • Public Skate Sessions are 2-hours in length unless otherwise noted.
  • Please review the Public Skate calendar for upcoming sessions.

Below please find additional information to help you plan and prepare for an Ice Den Public Skate:

Effective October 2021, public skate sessions will have limited capacity and reservations must be made ONLINE IN ADVANCE prior to arrival at the Ice Den.  Skaters will check-in at the Administration Desk located inside the Ice Den lobby to pick-up an admission ticket/pass to present at skate rental. The passes are adhesive stickers that state the specific date/time of each session.  Similar to ski lift tickets, the passes can be directly applied to clothing, however we advise you to NOT apply directly to leather, suede or other sensitive materials.  Metal ‘ticket wickets’ are available at the Administration Desk and can be used to affix the pass to a jacket zipper or belt loop.  Each skater must have a pass for the current session and it must be worn and visible at all times during the session.

Please Note:
The average temperature inside the rink is 56 degrees. The Ice Den encourages skaters and spectators to dress accordingly for warmth and safety. Helmets, socks, mitts/gloves and other equipment is recommended. Hockey sticks and pucks will not be permitted on the ice during public skating sessions.


Ice Den public skate sessions are 2-hours in length, unless otherwise posted with a 20-minute intermission. Dates and times are subject to change - please review the current published calendar.  Skate trainers are available to rent for a fee and can be used at these family friendly sessions.

Admission Includes:

  • 2-hour public skate session
  • Family & kid-friendly music
  • Standard lighting
  • 20-minute intermission
  • Admission for all ages is $15 per skater including skate rental


All Ages $15 per skater All sessions includes rental skates if needed.

Rental Fees

Skate Trainer $5 First-Come. First-Served Basis. Wristband purchased at Admin.
Locker $0.75 (Takes Quarters) Based on Availability. One-Time In/Out Access.


All Ice Den Public Skate Free Admission Passes & Punch Cards (regardless of expiration date) will expire 6/30/22.  Public skate passes are not redeemable for Holiday Skates (12/1/21-12/31/21). 

To Redeem an Ice Den Free Public Skate Pass:

  1. Contact the Ice Den Chandler Admin Desk in advance to make a reservation over the phone at (480) 598-9400.
  2. A session must not be sold out to make a reservation.
  3. All pass holder(s) in your group must make an individual reservation by phone.
  4. All non-pass holders must register online in advance.
  5. Upon arrival at the Ice Den, all participants must check in at the Admin Desk with the physical pass to receive an Admission Sticker(s).
  6. Failure to produce free pass will result in registration fee due at time of check-in.
  7. Pogo Passes are no longer valid at the Ice Dens.


Over 800 pairs of ice hockey and figure skates are available to rent for your skating pleasure. Skate sizes range from Toddler size 6 through Adult size 15. Skates are not available in half sizes, if between sizes it is recommended to size down. Please note, due to skater volume on highly attended sessions, skate sizes are not guaranteed to be available. All skaters are encouraged to arrive early to ensure proper skate size availability. 

Skate rental opens 30 minutes prior to posted session start-time.


To assist some of our younger and beginner skaters, the Ice Den provides a limited number of skate trainers for public skating sessions*.  The fee to rent a Skate Trainer is $5 payable at the Administration Desk.  The skater will receive a wristband to show a member of the Guest Services staff identified by bright yellow uniforms to retrieve the trainer.

Children using a trainer must be accompanied by an adult skater.

For safety reasons, only the weight of the child should be placed on the trainer. Adults should only assist the child and avoiding putting their weight on the trainer. While using the trainer, please demonstrate proper use, common sense, and courtesy to all patrons.  Misuse of a skate trainer will result in loss of privilege.

*Skate trainers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Please remember to first-check in at Admin Desk to pick up your admission pass prior to skate rental.  All skaters must have your admission pass clearly visible at all times as the Guest Service Representatives will be checking for proper identification. Regardless of your skill level, there are elements of risk in ice skating. Please familiarize yourself with the posted Skater’s Responsibility Code and the language on your admission ticket. To ensure an enjoyable experience for every skater on the ice, it is important to remember to use common sense, show courtesy to others and be aware of unsafe conditions.  If at any time you need assistance, please ask one of our Guest Service Representatives identified in bright yellow uniforms.

Public Skate FAQs

Like many businesses the Ice Dens are redefining our programs and services to adapt to ongoing public health concerns while navigating labor and supply chain disruptions.  As a result our public skate sessions have been modified.  Our team is short-handed, please be kind and respectful to the staff who are working the event for your entertainment and follow staff instructions, posted signs and policies. 

Please be advised that until further notice:

  • Mask use is optional for all skaters, coaches and spectators. Complimentary disposable masks are available if needed.
  • Any individuals who are currently sick, recently sick, symptomatic, or high-risk/vulnerable to illness should not come to the rink.
  • Limit time in the building before and after scheduled ice time. Loitering will not be permitted.
  • Zamboni rides are not available.
  • Birthday parties are not offered.  For information on private ice rentals please email the Admin & Events Team.
  • Group & program discounts are unavailable.
  • Hockey sticks & pucks are not permitted on public skate sessions.
  • Private lessons are not offered on public skate sessions.  Click here for Private Lesson Information.
  • All Ice Den Public Skate Free Admission Passes (regardless of expiration date) will expire 6/30/22.  Public skate passes are not valid for Holiday Skates (12/1/21-12/31/21). See above for details on how to redeem an Ice Den Public Skate Pass.
  • Effective March 2020: Pogo Passes are no longer accepted
  • NO REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS will be honored/awarded.

Advanced Skaters

Customer safety is a priority at the Ice Den. To ensure the public skating sessions as safe as possible for all participants, we prohibit jumps and spins during these sessions.  Advanced skaters wanting to practice jumps, spins, leg lifts and any other advanced skating techniques are encouraged to attend the 20-30 weekly freestyle skating sessions that are offered to practice these maneuvers.


Chilly Bean

The Chilly Bean Café is open during all public skating sessions and offers a wide-variety of snacks and beverages to enjoy!