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CAHL Registration Information

The 2017-18 CAHL Chandler Fall/Winter 24-game season begins the September 10 and will end in March.

Substitute Goalies and Free Agents may contact the CAHL Office for placement assistance.

Players are encouraged to register online.  Additional information is available at the Administration Desk.


  • 24 game fall/ winter season (including playoffs)
  • Captain, goalie and multi-team fee discounts    
  • USA Hockey sanctioned games
  • 80-minute ice slots
  • Three (3) 15-minute stop-time periods    
  • Regular season 3-man shootout tiebreaker    
  • No fighting
  • Online access to schedule and statistics
  • SportsEngine team management and schedule app
  • Championship prizes and gift cards
  • Captains meetings (fall/winter season)
  • New player evaluation skates



  • CAHL tech off-ice shirt* for full season players
  • Complimentary** Sparx Skate Sharpening upon registration payment completion
  • 10% discount*** at Coyotes Ice Sports

*One (1) shirt per player regardless of  number of teams played for.
**One (1) pass will be awarded to full season players only, non-transferable.
***Coyotes Ice Sports savings apply to regular-priced apparel and equipment only.  Excludes pro-stock and services.  Cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.


EARLY REGISTRATION FEES (August 1 - 31, 2017)

Early Registration Individual Fees in Full:  $480 plus tax at registration paid in full by September 9, 2017.

Early Registration payment plan*:

  1. First payment = $240 plus tax** due at time of registration
  2. Second payment = $240 plus tax due by September 9, 2017


Individual Fees in Full:  $528 plus tax at registration on and after September 1, 2017

Individual Fees payment plan*:

  1. First payment = $176 plus tax** at time of registration
  2. Second payment = $176 charged on October 15, 2017
  3. Third payment = $176 charged on November 15, 2017

*Payment plans require a credit card number on file.

*Tax owed on the full registration fee will be charged with initial payment on individual payment plans.  A one-time $5.00 payment plan
service fee will be added to all payment plans.


  • Goalies discount receive a 50% discount off the season fees above
  • 2nd team discount:  Skaters receive 10% off each team when playing on multiple teams/divisions
  • Captains discount:  Captains receive 20% off their season with a minimum roster number requirement
  • 5-Game sub package:  $150 for 5 games – teams must meet eligibility requirements (13 paid and rostered players and a goalie)  before using subs, restrictions apply, all subs must be approved by CAHL Commissioner

Contact the CAHL Commissioner for assistance registering with a discount.

Discounts and packages are non-refundable/non-transferable. Discounts cannot be combined.

Team Fee

  • Team Fee in Full: $6480 plus tax due prior to the first scheduled game
  • Team Fee Payment Plan*:

  • First Payment = $3240 plus tax prior to the first scheduled game
  • Second Payment = $3240 plus tax prior to the second scheduled game
  • Team Fee Structure:  Teams using the Team Fee option must arrange for one player to make full payment.  The Team Captain must submit a complete roster to CAHL to receive a team code to register players.  All players must be USA Hockey members to register and must complete registration prior to the first scheduled game.  Roster maximum size is limited to 17 skaters and one goalie.  No discounts, individual payments/payment plans will apply.  Team Fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.

    *Payment plan requires a credit card number on file.


USA Hockey


The Coyotes Amateur Hockey Association and Coyotes Adult Hockey League are USA Hockey sanctioned programs and require all participants be valid members of USA Hockey prior to participation. USA Hockey requires individuals to secure their membership direct from the USA Hockey website. The Ice Den is not permitted to register for on your behalf. USA Hockey announces its upcoming season fees each summer. For the 2016-2017 season, the national fee is $40 and the state fee is $15 for a total of $55 (both fees are part of the one USA Hockey transaction). Once registered, your USA Hockey membership is effective for one (1) year: September 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018.

USA Hockey Registration is Easy:

  1. Click Here to access the USA Hockey Online Registration.
  2. Once paid, print your USA Hockey membership for your records.
  3. Email, fax, mail or drop off a copy to the Ice Den Administration Desk

Once on file, you will not have to provide proof of USA Hockey membership again until September 1st of the following year.